Saudi Aramco Work Permits Types

Saudi Aramco Work Permits Types

There are 4 Saudi Aramco Work Permit types

1. Confined space entry Permit
2. Release Permit
3. Hot work Permit
4. Cold work Permit

The Saudi Aramco Work Permit types approves explicit development, support, assessment or fix responsibilities to be directed in the client’s confined areas.

Confined areas are: Petroleum Processing Plants,. Pump Stations, Tank Farms, Loading Piers. Hydrocarbon Pipelines, Oil and Gas Wells, Gas Plants, Water and Sewage Treatment Plants, Marine Vessels, Gasoline Stations and near Power Line.

The issuer and receiver of work permit must make a joint site inspection and conduct a gas test if required before issuing and signing the work permit.

The issuer must see that the receiver’s certificate is valid and approved for the type of work to be done.

During an emergency the issuer may permit work without work permit. However. he should issue as soon as he can.

For some jobs the issuer may determine a joint site inspection is not required. Such as Low risk jobs, Lubricating, Cleaning. Painting and Carpentry.

The work permit is valid for two shifts only or 16 working hours. This requires the signature of the issuer and the receiver coming on shift.

The work permit is for a specific site. Transfer from a craft to a different craft is not permitted.

A work permit may be issued for periods over 16 hours, but not in excess of 30 days. This applies to extended construction or maintenance work where job requirements remain
unchanged. The permit must be approved by the division head or above.

The receiver of the work permit must keep the hard copy of the Saudi Aramco Work Permits Types at job site.

“Saudi Aramco Work Permit types of Forms area four kinds”
924-1 Yellow- Release (Opening a line, draining a vessel)
924-2 Red – Hot (Electrical, welding, grinding, blasting, vehicle entry)
924-3 Blue – Cold (Hand tools work, sand removal, brush painting)
924-4 Green – Entry (Tank- cleaning or inspection, work in sewers or trenches 4” or deeper)

sample work permit used in Saudi Aramco are below