Recruitment Iceberg

Recruitment Iceberg Infographics

Great recruiters build deep, long term relationships with clients who use them again & again. Their Clients Have an understanding of and value the work that goes on behind the scenes, delivering great quality candidates. Unfortunately, some employers don’t have the understanding or are more used to a cheap, quantity over quality model they can have a rather simplistic view of the recruiter’s work. They often select a recruiter based on cost and are offended when a quality recruiting agency refuses to discount the recruitment service charge. Recruitment Iceberg Infographics highlights the misunderstanding and gives a deeper view of the work of a reliable recruitment agency against the Client’s Focus.

Recruitment Agency success depends on the depth of the work which in most of the case gets hidden & does not get performance measured under Client’s Focus. Both Tangible & Intangible factors are mentioned below as Client’s Focus on Vs What Really reliable Recruiting Agency Does

Client’s Focus on?

  • Quantity of Candidates during Interviews
  • Best Talent with Less Salary Expectation
  • Discounted Recruitment Service Cost

What Really reliable Recruiting Agency Does?

  • Understanding Market sector & Client Business Model
  • Research-based on client requirement
  • Client Reputation Management
  • Social Media sourcing & Head Hunting
  • Job Interview Advertisement
  • Candidate Database Management
  • Registering & Screening candidates
  • Check availability for interview & follow up candidates
  • Interview Management
  • Carry out reference / Background checks
  • Objection Handling & Offer Management
  • Organize & Track Medical / Visa Process
  • Candidate Orientation
  • Get candidate on board quickly with them dodging recruiting agency during travel