Refinery / Petrochemical Recruitment

In spite of the presence of numerous recruiting agencies in India, our clients consider us as the leading refinery petrochemical recruitment agency. At Transcend HR Consultancy, we work in collaboration and coordination with the best refinery & petrochemical industrial service contractors & consultants. We have successfully carved a niche market for our services and solutions in India as refinery petrochemical recruitment agency.

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A birds-eye view of midstream activities :

The process of producing final petroleum products from crude oil is carried out in refineries. Refineries are often massive operations, and they require different types of workers to operate them efficiently. At an oil or gas refinery, work is generally split into two main fields: engineering work and journeymen work. Specialized engineers typically test new chemical processes, make unit operation processes more efficient, and address large structural issues related to maintenance and expansion. Journeymen mostly perform construction and repair duties at a refinery.

Petrochemicals are a group of chemicals derived from the processing of petroleum gas. They are manufactured from the gaseous hydrocarbons produced during the cracking processes of manufacturing Gasoline.

Refinery Petrochemical Recruitment Agency

Reliably attempting to raise the nature of our administrations through ceaseless enhancements, we endeavor to give better administrations utilizing our key qualities which are

  • A vast resource of manpower of various profiles and skills
  • Effective scouting teams working to source fresh talent from the best colleges and institutes.
  • Trusted network of professionals, placed by us providing us references of the best talents in the industry.
  • Completion Engineer
  • Completion Operations Engineer – Rotational
  • Senior Petroleum Engineer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Completions Engineer with ESP
  • Facilities Engineer Lead
  • Piping, Valves and Vessel Engineer
  • Staff Petroleum Engineer
  • Asset Engineer
  • Pipeline / Storage Engineer
  • Health and safety manager
  • HSE – On/Offshore Specialist
  • Quality Manager
  • HSE Management Consultant
  • Engineers (Upstream/Downstream/EPCC)
  • Safety Engineer
  • Senior Fire Protection Engineer
  • Senior Completions Engineer – Houston
  • Optimization Engineer
  • Production Manager
  • Advanced Engineer
  • Product Line Leader – Optimization & Control
  • Piping Design Engineers
  • Entry-level Field Engineer
  • Senior Multiphase Flow Assurance Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Pollution control engineer
  • HSE Auditor (Design)
  • Regulatory Manager
  • HSE Engineer
  • Safety Advisor
  • Engineers (Piping)