Our Facilities

Transcend HR Consultancy is one of the best Indian recruitment consultancy to provide manpower service with skill trade testing center to test the skill of technicians. We have a full-fledged office set up which also consists of a trade testing center, Trade categories required in all forms of industries, such as Mason, Plaster, Welders, Machinist, Scaffolders, Fabricators, Pipe Fitters, HVAC Technicians, Electricians, Heavy and Lightweight Drivers, Riggers and More skills can be tested by this testing facility. Transcend HR Consultancy is the only Indian Recruitment Consultancy to have Recruitment office, Interview Facility & Trade Testing Center all under one roof.

Indian Recruitment Consultancy

Facility and Infrastructure at Transcend Office (all under one roof):

  • Conference Rooms:
    • 2 rooms (Fully A/C & High-Speed Internet)
  • Interview Rooms:
    • 10 rooms (Fully A/C & High-Speed Internet)
  • Video Conference Room:
    • 1 room (Fully A/C & Leased Line Internet)
  • Waiting Halls:
    • 3 halls (Fully A/C & High-Speed Internet) located on the Ground Floor, 1st Floor, and 2nd Floor
  • Classrooms:
    • 4 rooms (Fully A/C & High-Speed Internet)
  • Recruitment & Visa Processing Office:
    • Located on the 2nd Floor
  • Pre-Departure Orientation Section
  • Skill Verification Program Registration Counter
  • Theatrical Computer-Based Test Section:
    • Available for all trades like Civil, Electrical, & Mechanical
  • Civil Trade Training & Testing Workshop:
    • With Leased Line Internet for Virtual Trade Tests
  • Mechanical Trade Training Workshop:
    • With Leased Line Internet for Virtual Trade Tests
  • Welding Training/Test Area (Hot Work Area):
    • With Leased Line Internet for Virtual Trade Tests
  • Electrical Trade Training Workshop:
    • With Leased Line Internet for Virtual Trade Tests
  • Safety Training Classroom
  • Receptionist & Secretarial Staff
  • Dining Hall & Pantry:
    • Fully A/C
  • Power Backup Generator:
    • 45KVA for uninterrupted power supply
  • Photocopier Machine
  • Surveillance Security Cameras:
    • 78 CCTV cameras for 24-hour monitoring, covering testing and training of all departments from entrance to exit
  • Transportation:
    • Available on request
  • Security Guard & Parking Area
  • Safety Fire Extinguishers:
    • Available on all floors
  • Emergency Exits:
    • 6 exits
  • Restroom & Drinking Water Facilities


Located near Ambattur Industrial Estate which is the biggest small scale industrial estate in South Asia. Several factors such as accessible Location, transport facilities, availability of trade test raw materials, a large volume of industrial Engineers & Technician, and the like were responsible for seeking this place for the setting up of a Transcend HR Consultancy. Companies like TI Cycles of India, Dunlop, Rane Brake, and TVS have their plants near Transcend HR Consultancy.