Transcend HR Consultancy, an Abroad Job Consultancy provides a Skilled Manpower Labor to the Oil & Gas industry, for upstream, midstream and downstream Projects and Operations, on shutdown or long-term basis. Transcend HR Consultancy provide highly qualified professionals and skilled labors can support the best top, middle and lower-level workforce. As a leading Abroad Job Consultancy in India, Transcend HR Consultancy, identifies the manpower requirements from Clients, in line with Contractors & end-user needs, exploiting specialized screening and recruiting methods to ensure that only qualified personnel are suggested, in a timely manner.

With dependability and the suitability of Skilled Manpower Recruitment being key to operational continuity, Transcend HR Consultancy is a reliable recruitment partner, which Clients & Contractors can rely on to respond to their requirements and to deliver a quality service. Employees and workers in the Oil and Gas industry are exposed to diverse climatic situations with a challenging work environment. This is the cause why Oil and Gas industry stresses on the workforce who are skilled, motivated and are determined to work in deserts, snowfields, offshore with extended sea exposure, and mountains as well as in deep forest locations. Inter-personal and intra-personal communication in this industry is also another major factor for consideration, especially when there are workers from different countries with different socio-cultural backgrounds. For Transcend HR Consultancy these challenges are taken well care of while delivering structured solutions for global Oil and Gas sectors. 

Why we are the best for Oil and Gas industry recruitment:

With years of brilliance in providing manpower solutions to assorted profile of Oil and Gas companies globally, Transcend HR Consultancy has earned outstanding status and client appraisal for hand-picked sourcing of human resource for meticulous requirements. Whether it’s at the supervisory level, or at management level or at the worker level, we can source well-qualified and experienced professionals for this challenging sector. Our aim is to support your Oil and Gas enterprise to reach a successful and profit model, and we ensure every smaller matter are handled professionally while recruiting the workforce for you.