What are the Mechanical Engineer Career Options ?

Mechanical Engineering Career Option

With the completion of Bachelors of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), Most of the Engineers out there are confused as to how to take their career forward and start looking for all the available options. The below post is designed to help you understand the Mechanical Engineer Graduate right Career pathways & options.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering. It is also referred as the “mother” branch of engineering. Most mechanical engineering jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Graduates of a mechanical engineering program may go on to jobs where they design engines and machines or even mechanical systems for entire buildings; others may choose to seak technical or administrative careers.
Mechanical Engineer Career Options as per Stream

  • Design
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Construction
  • Production
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Quality & Safety
Mechanical Engineer Career Options as per Industries

  • Oil & Gas (Rig, Gas / Oil Separation Plant, Refinery, Pipelines, Petrochemical Plants, Storage Tanks Etc).
    Power Plants (Thermal/Nuclear/Hydro).
  • Water Treatment Plants (Saline water conversion / Waste Water Treatment).
  • Ship Building.
  • Construction.
  • Operation & Maintenance (Petrochemical Plants / Fertilizers / Steel / Cement Plants).
  • Automobiles.
  • Manufacturing.