Recruiting Process

The recruitment process at Transcend HR Consultancy is a highly demarcated practice, implement by meticulousness, rationality and feasibility. The Transcend follows standardized methodology for the process of selecting ‘most efficient candidates’. This procedure has been under sustained precision since the past two decades and over 28 years of dedicated experience.
We undertake the responsibility of publishing our client’s manpower requirement in regional and national newspapers on a regular basics and we also upload our client’s requirements on job sites for specialized categories to focus throughout India.

Our skilled / semi – skilled candidates are selected through an intense filtering process, based on criteria’s encompassing professional skills and knowledge, experience, competence, personality and adaptability.

In addition to the above selection assessment criteria, we also recognize the value of candidates with the called soft skills, such as interpersonal or team leadership and have the ability to influence the team through their behavior.

We have a standardized testing process which begins with the client’s request which states the following:

  • Trade test categories and list of candidates to be tested in each category.
  • Test details – theoretical & practical based on the client’s requirement.
  • Interview Arrangement required such as Equipments, Interview rooms, Consumable resources & Safety gear etc.
  • Quality Assessment procedure of the client.

Planning is mapping out the client’s requirement and generating resources to meet their needs

  • To prepare quotation for the list of consumable materials to be used during the test (materials required for testing such as welding electrodes, grinding wheels, etc.).
  • Prepare conference and interview room for the interview.
  • Housekeeping is done and the required equipments maintenance services are reviewed for the working condition.
  • Safety gear for the trades test are prepared.
  • Tools such as pipes, plates, etc are procured in excess in case of welding test.
  • Power pack Generator is installed to ensure uninterrupted Power supply.
  • Availability of in – house engineers, supervisors, and administration staff to manage the testing & recruitment process.

On the day of Testing, the client is given an opportunity to review the arrangements made before the test is conducted. An Assessment sheet are provided to the client for oral and practical testing. We constitute a team of personnels comprising of:

  • In – house engineers, supervisors support staff to manage the testing processes at the center.
  • Administrative staff to manage registration and other related works.
  • Quality Assessment crew such as NDT staff to lever the quality testing process for all Radiography, film processing and interpretation tasks.
It is a mandatory requirement for candidates to undergo a medical check-up by a Panel of doctors and a
copy of their Medical Fitness Report as fit to work will be used for the visa stamping purpose. The Medical report will issued from an authorized center from the respective country consulate.

Visa documents are obtained from the Employer and the candidate’s Passport is submitted to the respective consulate for visa stamping.

Emigration clearance (EC) is a legal authorization that is required to be obtained in the prescribed manner from the Protector of Emigrants (POE). All Indian citizens who’s Passport has been categorized as “Emigration Check Required” (ECR) are required to obtain Emigration clearance(EC) from the POE’s before proceeding to specified “ECR Countries” for Employment purposes. We take responsibility to prepare & produce required documents for ECR and then submitted to Protector of Emigrants, India (POE) for Emigration clearance.

The candidates are orientated about the company, project site and its work culture. All the necessary documents and tickets are handed over to the selected candidates two days before their date departure and their arrival details are informed to the client for airport pickup.