Pre-Commissioning Manpower Service

Transcend HR Consultancy specialized as a pre-commissioning manpower service agency we can provide chemical cleaning manpower for operational / pre-operational cleaning of piping & equipment in plants. We offer our Pre-Commissioning Manpower services to chemical cleaning contractors & EPC companies in the Gulf Countries. We believe that each of our clients faces a unique set of challenges and that their needs can be best met by providing innovative Pre-Commissioning Manpower solutions to these challenges.

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Pre-Commissioning Manpower

We provide expertise manpower in numerous areas of engineering, including:

  • Pre-commissioning cleaning
  • Commissioning cleaning and testing
  • Unit shutdown cleaning and inerting
  • Hydrojetting limits

A newly built metal process installation, piping system or tank undergoes various processes, such as rolling, welding, grinding, etc. before it is ready for commissioning (pre-commissioning). Through these operations, the (metal) surface is contaminated with all kinds of undesirable matter, including grease/oil, welding skin, blasting grit and the like. In addition, these operations affect the temporary protective layer of the steel, causing (fly) rust. To obtain a clean, passive steel surface, chemical technical cleaning is often carried out prior to the commissioning of systems/installations, pre-commissioning cleaning. Chemical Cleaning Supervisor & Technicians with experience in working on successful projects can execute the above activities with the highest efficiency.

It is therefore essential that all pipelines & equipment undergo thorough pre-commissioning clean in accordance with Industrial Standard. If such pre-commissioning cleaning of the pipelines and process equipment are not completed successfully then the reliability, efficiency, and life expectancy of systems can be seriously compromised.

  • Pre-commissioning chemical cleaning services including Oxygen Line.
  • Steam Blowing
  • Pipeline Pigging/ Scraping
  • High-Velocity Hot Water Flushing
  • Lube Oil System Cleaning & Oil Flushing
  • Air Blowing
  • Leak testing & Hydro test
  • Nitrogen Services
  • Cooling Water Passivation
  • Disinfection
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Proposal & Estimation Engineer
  • Trainee Pre-Commissioning Engineer
  • Water Treatment Engineer – Pre Commissioning
  • Steam Blowing Engineer/Steam Turbine Engineer
  • Water Treatment Senior Flushing Engineer
  • Commissioning Planner
  • Commissioning Engineer
  • Pre-commissioning Managers / Engineers
  • Process Commissioning Engineer
  • Commercial Operations Specialist – Pre-Commissioning & Maintenance
  • Chemical Cleaning Technician
  • Chemical Cleaning Supervisor
  • Lead Field Test & Commissioning Engineer
  • Inspection Engineer
  • Hydrojetters