Bolting / Torque Technician

Bolting / Torque Technician oil-gas manpower consultant Chennai with competent manpower for leak-free joints

We are leading oil-gas manpower consultant Chennai to provide hydraulic bolting technician experienced in oil and gas plant maintenance shutdown Project. Our Candidates are familiar with the maintenance of Heat Exchanger, Vessel, Column, Tank, Boiler, Reactor, Bolt tensioning, Spading/De-Spading, Valve Removal & Installation, Various type of gasket, etc. with the bolt torque & tensioning chart & norms for Oil & Gas project & shutdown.  Our Bolting Technician candidates identify the using of hand tools, drilling machines, impact wrench, bolt torque & tensioning tools, etc. and capable to read & understand P&ID, Isometric & Engineering, aware of Plant & Equipment.

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As, oil-gas manpower consultant Chennai we provide Bolting Technician experienced in hydraulic torque and tensioning, Torque with hydraulic torque wrenches, Stud Tensioning, Nut Splitting, etc. These candidates can work both independently and as part of a team with other field technicians. They can accomplish onsite bolting, torque and tensioning services on numerous bolted applications such as flanges, heat exchanger units, turbine shells and other equipment. Other required skills for bolting technicians are Flange Alignments, Tightening Procedure, Gasket installation, bolting pattern, Nut splitting, Hot bolting, Flange Spreading, Flange & bolt insulation, Torque tag placement, Torque reports, Flange Management Etc. These Technicians can also maintain Bolting tools & Bolt tensioning equipment in optimal working conditions and provide calibration report as per client request.

Bolted Connections – Shorter Shutdowns with experienced hydraulic torque bolt manpower

Hydraulic torque Bolt Technicians are the most common choice of talent nowadays to be used when breaking out or tightening up bolts on various applications to ensure leak-free joints. This specific bolt-tightening method significantly affects the gasket compression that directly influences the likelihood of a leak.

Not all bolted connections are easy to access and with man hours being critical, the proper Hydraulic torque Bolt Technician manpower required for one job will help speed up the process.

We are in the business of providing full service of recruitment solutions & have a large database of aptly qualified and experienced candidates for Bolt Tensioning & Torque Specialist.