Bolting / Torque Technician (Bolt Tensioning & Torque Specialist)

We provide Bolting Technician experienced in hydraulic torque and tensioning, Torque with hydraulic torque wrenches, Stud Tensioning, Nut Splitting etc. These candidates can work both independently and as part of a team with other field technicians. They can accomplish onsite bolting, torque and tensioning services on numerous bolted applications such as flanges, heat exchanger units, turbine shells and other equipment. Other required skills for bolting technicians are Flange Alignments, Tightening Procedure, Gasket installation, bolting pattern, Nut splitting, Hot bolting, Flange Spreading, Flange & bolt insulation, Torque tag placement, Torque reports, Flange Management Etc .These Technicians can also maintain Bolting tools & Bolt tensioning equipment in optimal working conditions and provide calibration report as per client request.