Challenges faced by Engineers in India Today

When a student passes out of engineering college after completing Mechanical Engineering, there is a very question in front of him, What to do career-wise? , Because Fresh Engineering Graduates Jobs are hard to obtain, So the first option for most of the students from middle-class families is to get a Fresh Engineering Graduates Jobs immediately through campus interviews. Many top-ranking students ultimately get Fresh Engineering Graduates Jobs in Campus interviews and pursue jobs totally different from their field of study. Many students of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation and Chemical engineering branches are hired by IT companies for Software Development. They happily join these companies and start learning to code soon, so what they learned as basics in their field of study in Engineering becomes waste. 

Some students enroll for higher education in India or abroad & later land up with MNC’s outside India, never to return. Some students join their family business and run the same or go for an MBA course. Due to lack of guidance and research awareness, many students migrate to metro cities and start looking for jobs, the metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore etc., are already overcrowded with engineers these days & these students are not employable due to lack of skillset & certification required for the job and they land up in low paying jobs. 

Why Students have a lack of guidance and less awareness on the career path for the field of study in Engineering?

Most of the engineering colleges in our country lack in career counseling. The basic reason is the lack of knowledge of faculty members who only have bookish knowledge and never care to guide the students. The worst part is that students don’t know what to do and where to go after completing their degree, most of them land up with the wrong jobs and spoil their career.

During placement-drive – “HR Recruitment Process is not rightHRs are looking for CGPA (except few companies), speaking skills and not for what they have learned or done in four years of engineering.

Current scenario of Engineers (eg., Mechanical Engineer)

Each and every student who completes his/her mechanical engineering degree has unique qualities, some are good designers, some can be good in marketing, others in research and development, but these students never know their strengths and weaknesses. Thus a brilliant mechanical engineer with aptitude in design ends up working as a marketing executive selling industrial valves and proves to be a poor marketing executive. A mechanical engineer with aptitude in marketing ends up as a production/quality control engineer and in turn, fails miserably. After marriage and settlement, they are unable to change their profession and forced to work in fields that are unsuitable.

So, what is the solution? 

  • Rather than choosing a stream of engineering with the highest placement opportunities, you have to choose the stream (of engineering) which matches your talent & interest with proper core opportunities. 
  • Counseling from Engineering College by Highly Skilled faculties or by experts (who actually work in the field) with knowledge on current industrial trends & Job market, on their field of study in Engineering will help students focus on what to do after engineering. 
  • Students have to be self-motivated to research on the career path and find the right certifications/skillsets required to find job opportunities plus Career growth. For ex., there are many opportunities for mechanical engineers across industries, one of the most demanding industries is Oil & Gas, here Shutdown engineers & Pre-commissioning engineers with certifications such as Certified SAP Professional – PM, NACE (Coating & Corrosion), PCN, AWS, API, ASNT, Vibration Analysis, Machine Lubricant, Reliability, CSWIP, Primavera P6 (Planning & Scheduling) etc., are more in demand & very less in supply.
  • Find the right Recruitment agency who will not only recommend the right job for the right resume/profile but will also plan/recommend the right career path. 
  • Expert Advice regarding the similar field of work can be obtained from experienced employees present in social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.,